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Sweet Orange Hydrosol

Sweet Orange Hydrosol

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Orange peel extract


  • For ages, the hugely beneficial orange peel has been used for beauty treatments. The presence of high amounts of Vitamin C, calcium & magnesium helps in giving healthy skin & hair, producing collagen & tightening the skin. 
  • Herbal water/ hydrosols are made when essential oils are distilled, containing water-soluble components of the plants and small quantities of oils too making them much gentler on the skin. • The herbal extract has a very gentle aroma & with its naturally occurring nutrients is an excellent toner with multiple benefits for the skin and hair. It soothes and calms the mind, and relieves anxiety, and stress, making it easy for one to go through the whole day. Using it at bedtime will help in getting better sleep.

----HOW TO USE----


  • Toner- Orange blossom water is known for its wonderful effects on the skin. It's a great toner for oily, sensitive, problem skin, reducing the irritation & redness caused by sunburn, and giving a softer, smoother look. This flower water is so gentle that it can be used on babies too. 
  • Putting 10-12 drops in your bath water relieves stress, anxiety, and headaches, giving a clean soft skin.
  • Moisturizer- Spraying all over your face & body will keep your skin hydrated, and moisturized all day long. Carry it with you to be fresh & smelling heavenly all day long.
  • Conditions hair- Spraying on hair will keep not only condition but make your hair shiny, smooth & lustrous with the added benefit of amazing smelling hair. 
  • It's a natural bleach & lightens the skin exposed to harsh natural elements, due to the presence of vitamin C.


  • Room Freshener- Putting 10-12 drops in a bowl of water will have a beneficial effect on your mood, making you feel happy & relaxed.
  • Induces sleep- Put 1-2 drops on the corner of your sheet/ pillow & have a wonderful sleep ( it may stain so just a few drops)


  • Drinking tea with sweet orange Will help your digestion, settle an upset stomach, and relax your nerves & muscles resulting in a relaxed mind.



Q. How many ml is it?
A. The quantity of this product is 100ml.

Q. How is it supposed to be used? Does it have any side effects?
A. You can either Spray, Inhale or Drink Asaagat’s Hydrosol as it is 100% Organic and does not have any side effects, just use it as described and enjoy its benefits.

Q. Is it suitable for dry skin?
A. Yes, It is suitable for all skin types.

Q. What is the shelf life of this product?
A. The maximum shelf life of this product is 24 Months. The manufacturing and expiry date of this product is mentioned on the packaging/labeled on the container.

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