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Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

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Asaagat’s Rosemary Essential Oil helps You To Uplift, Stimulate & Rejuvenate Your Skin. Rosemary is a medicinal herb. It is found in the Mediterranean region and has been used as food and medicine for centuries.




There are several benefits of Using Rosemary Essential Oil Like

  • For deterring harmful insects that may bite you or infest your garden, you can use rosemary oil as a natural alternative to chemical products.
  • It Helps You to Relieve Pain
  • It helps you make your skin healthier
  • It helps you Stimulates Hair Growth


Rosemary Extract - A S Harrison & Co Pty LimitedA S Harrison & Co Pty Limited

Rosemary Extract




Use 3-4 drops in a dispenser to relieve stress, anxiety. Can be inhaled right out of the bottle. Dilute it in a teaspoon of carrier oil (jojoba, argan, coconut) adding 3-5 drops & apply on bald patches for hair growth and on the areas which are affected by joint pains and repelling bugs.



Q. How many ml is it?
A. The quantity of this product is 10ml/15ml.

Q. How is it supposed to be used?
A. Clean your face with soapy cleaner, apply the cream on face and neck, massaging in an upward direction until it is absorbed. Leave it for the whole night.

Q. Is it suitable for dry skin?
A. Yes, It is suitable for all skin types.

Q. What is the shelf life of this product?
A. Maximum shelf life of this product is 24 Months. The manufacturing and expiry date of this product is mentioned on the packaging/labeled on the container.

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