About Us

Asaagat brings to you, green, indie beauty products which gives you the confidence to understand that each one of you is beautiful in your own way.

Being relatively new in the market we take our brand very seriously. Asaagat is no word in the dictionary. I coined it because a seller works with the buyer to resolve an issue & a satisfied customer is priceless. When the word spreads more customers will be willing to try, helping the brand grow. I am just one but you & me is limitless. . Hence ASAA- meaning us & GAT meaning go. We go & grow together. You don’t need layering of different products to hide what feels as imperfections.

Instead you own up to your own beauty & radiate this beauty from within.

The ethos of this brand is OWN YOUR SELF.

The products are all herbal, ayurvedic, using self-sustaining ingredients without harming your skin with chemicals & saving the environment. Using one product for various purposes helps the skin to rejuvenate from inside. Our packaging also promotes eco-friendly jute bags which are multi purpose. 

Meet Our Founder


I am Geetikaa Kakkar a proud mother of 2 grown up children, a home grown entrepreneur, with a never say die attitude.

I am the founder of Asaagat, the green indie brand, bringing to you simple solutions for everyday beauty issues with my multi layered products.

The products are based on our old ayurvedic practices of using the natural way to preserve our outside & inside beauty. We use aloe vera, manjistha, milk, saffron, rose etc in our products . Each product is packed with utmost care to make it a worthwhile purchase for my customers.

I am always available to answer your questions. Drop me a mail on the contact us page.

 Asaagat’s Aim:

Asaagat comprises of 2 words - Asaa & Gat. It means that we go together & hence we grow. The aim is to bring you simple, easy to use, without any over the top claims, our centuries-old Ayurvedic products - without parabens. For your daily skin & hair care, our products work like magic.

Asaagat’s Slogan:

The slogan is - Pure & Simple. Our Products are completely Ayurvedic and Certified by the appropriate agencies using regulated ingredients. The base of most of our products, is the aloe vera plant which we all know is a miracle plant with remedy & cure for a lot of our external & internal problems skin & hair problems.