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Relaxing Lavender Soap

Relaxing Lavender Soap

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Lavender Soap Benefits for Body and Mind

The highly concentrated fragrance of lavender has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and even help in relieving headaches. Lavender can also help people suffering from insomnia.
Showering with a bar of lavender soap will give you many benefits on mind body and soul.

lavender soap also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can help people suffering from skin conditions such as mild burns, scabies and dermatitis. It also helps in Acne and wound healing.
It helps combat the signs of aging. It exfoliate the dirt and impurities in the skin. It brightens the complexion naturally and lightens fine lines. Helps skin glow naturally.


Organic Kashmir Lavender Buds powder, Highly Concentrated lavender fragrance oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil, pomace olive oil, Sesame oil.



We make Natural Cold Processed Soaps in an old traditional way using only plant based Cold Pressed Natural Oils And Butters, which are skin friendly. It takes care of very Delicate skin if any allergies or baby skin and Sensitive Skin as well. Cold process natural soap suits all skin type.

Please Note - We do not follow Melt and Pour method for making this soap like other commercial / bulk producers do.

Each batch is made single handed and in very limited quantity, hence focusing on quality, as it is the only matter of concern for us.

Procedure of cold process soap making is very tedious and complicated as we customise them as per skin conditions.

We create formulations of each soap in soap calculator where we mix oils and skin butters in right proportion to give your skin a proper cleansing and nourishment.

Cold process soaps are made by mixing right oils in right proportion with sodium hydroxide and after mixing the both it creates a chemical reaction which is called saponification. Due to saponification process Sodium Hydroxide turns oils and butters into high natural glycerine, which becomes a hard bar of soap with all natural ingredients. After making the soap it takes 4 weeks to cure this soap in a natural soap bar. Which is safe and natural to use on skin.

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