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The Mini Skincare Kit by Asaagat contains 3 premium natural products that work wonders on the skin, all put together as one kit that makes your life easier. Perfect for a ready-made skincare routine, a lavish gift to your loved ones, or to sample our most popular products at once, this Experience Mini kit is sure to keep anyone's skin happy.
This affordable kit includes-


Apply a limited quantity of the moisturizing cream gently on the cheeks, jaw, side of the eyes, on the forehead, and a modest quantity on the neck region and back, massage it on the skin. You can use this cream either in the morning or the night before bedtime.


  • All the ingredients that are used in manufacturing are the basic properties of one another.
  • Juniper (HAPUSHA) is an antioxidant that detoxifies, heals, and repairs the skin, regenerates collagen, and reduces cell damage.
  • French lavender (USTUKHUSAS) - Combat, acne, eczema, dry skin and prevents wrinkles.
  • Boswellia serrata (SALLAKI) - enhances the skin's elasticity, reducing wrinkles and tones.
  • Rose centifolia (GULAB) - has “VIT C” in it which combats free radicals from damaging the epidermis it heals, rejuvenates, soothes skin, and fights dryness as it retains moisture. 
  • Madhu (HONEY) is a humectant that moisturizes the skin, keeping the skin hydrated all day long. Combating acne being anti-bacterial, prevents damage to the skin.
  • Neem (AZADIRACHTA) treats acne, dry skin, stimulates collagen production, reduces scars. This is a magical ingredient known in India for centuries as Honey, Chandan, and Rose.
  • Sveta (WHITE SANDAL) - over the centuries it is used for the prevention and healing of skin imperfections, curing skin rashes, delaying wrinkles.
  • Godhum or wheat sprout oil is filled with nutrients. It is packed with a high content of vitamin E which has excellent moisturizing benefits that help to give smooth and youthful skin by giving a natural radiance to the skin.
  • Ghrit Kumari or Aloe Vera is a great base for any skin formulation, it’s hydrating and cures any skin blemishes, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. The properties of this wonder plant are numerous.


Hapusha- Juniper, Ustukhudas- French Lavender, Sallaki-Indian Frankincense, Gulab- Rose, Madhu- Honey, Neem-Azadiracheta indica, Chandan-White Sandal, Godhum-Wheat Germ Oil, Ghrit Kumari-Aloe Vera, Bala-Country mallow, Jaitu- Olive oil


Aloe Vera Neem soap is very effective for getting rid of dirt and bacteria from your skin. If you are using Aloe Vera Neem soap on your body or face, rub the soap directly onto your face or loofah (if you’re using it on your body) and get a really good lather, then apply to wet skin. Use a clean cloth every time you wash.


  • Aloe Vera nourishes and moisturizes your skin.
  • Neem and lemon oils prevent infection.
  • Santal oil enhances the complexion.
  • Safe for children too.



Aloe Vera, Sandalwood Oil, Neem Oil, Lemon Oil


Take a small amount of gel on wet hands and apply it to clean skin. If the skin is damp it works better. Can be used as a base for make-up or any creams, moisturizers, etc. Use it with cucumber juice and apply a thick coat on the face for a clean and refreshing appearance. You can also mix it with any hair oil and massage the scalp for shiny, healthy hair without dandruff.


  • It has a VIT - E that helps the skin to heal more quickly.
  • It prevents the skin from any infection, protects from the atmosphere impurities, block’s the Sun and helps in detaining by using it as a mask, hydrates the skin from deep down, helps prevents wrinkles, acne, pimples, and freckles.
  • It cures injuries and Scalp Infections.
  • If it is applied quickly on a burn, no blistering will occur.


Aloe Vera Gel, Aqua & Rose Water Fragrance.

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