Why Choose Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Over Regular Cosmetics

Why Choose Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Over Regular Cosmetics

AYURVEDA  has been often heard in our Indian families but nowadays because the world has also woken up to it’s benefits we have started to realize the immense wealth we have at our doorstep.

Our grandparents used to point out that:

👉 people eat neem leaves in the morning despite being healthy.

👉 drinking milk with turmeric for any infection,not only this, turmeric milk is an inseparable part of their routine.

👉 you yourself were forced to consume Honey with garlic paste when you were suffering from a cough.

All these things are, basically Ayurveda.

Etymology of Ayurveda

It is made up of two Sanskrit words Ayus meaning life Vedas meaning sacred knowledge.

Now, comes the question !!

Why choose Ayurvedic skin care products over regular cosmetics??

It is because of the following causes I suggest you to exploit ayurvedic products over synthetic cosmetics :- 

🌈First of all, they are chemical free, duly certified by the Ayurvedic board. If it doesn't do any good to your skin or your health, they won't harm you as well. Either they do good to you or do nothing.

You know, having nothing is better than having harmful things! They will  live up to the prayer…..

Bhala Kisi ka kar Na Sako to Bura Kisi ka mat Karna!


On the contrary,using regular modern cosmetics harm our skin badly.Many of us have rashes using hair colour & dyes, the products are sold with hype but sadly fail to deliver. That is just only one  insight ,there are thousands of such incidents showing the harm they cause to the delicate balance of our skin & hair.

🌈Ayurvedic products are made up of authentic herbs , with natural ingredients added for preserving them over a period of time. Being a part of nature makes them more friendly to our natural texture whether skin or hair.

🌈Some might think that if it is made up of natural herbs, there must be something chemical in it. But no there is nothing like that these products are totally cultivated traditionally.

🌈 These Ayurvedic stuff might not work instantly but you have to have patience .They will definitely shows results and they give long term benefits.

On the contrary if we apply allopathic ointments or something on a ringworm or affected area it get settled in a day or two ,there is no doubt. But ,keep in mind , in most cases recurrence of that stuff will not take more than 3 days.

So in a nutshell, regular cosmetics are a problem ,so there must be a solution .

Here is the one ASAAGAT.

ASAAGAT is one of the trusted and leading manufacturers of Ayurvedic skin care products to promote a healthy skin tone. Here are some herbal skin care products to help you look evergreen with ancient knowledge.

All Purpose Aloe Vera Skin Cream

Aloe vera based moisturizer.  It not only keeps our skin hydrated and blemishes free but also nourishes our skin for a long time.

100% Natural Aloe Vera Gel

This gel moisturizes the skin, fights skin aging by diminishing age lines. The credit of these wonderful properties goes to the vitamin C and E present in aloe vera.

Skin Repairing Night Cream

This night cream helps us regain the moisture to our faces and other body parts which vanishes due to the entire work stuff we do round the clock.

Trust & use these Ayurvedic Products of ASAAGAT for herbal skin care products to offer naturally glowing skin tone!

Stay tuned for more such herbal blogs!


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What an informative read! I couldn’t agree more with the importance of choosing Ayurvedic skin care products. Your article brilliantly highlights the benefits of opting for natural, time-tested solutions for our skin. It’s reassuring to know that brands like Asaagat are dedicated to providing healthier options. I’m inspired to make the switch to Ayurvedic products for my skincare routine. Keep up the great work in spreading awareness!

SDH Naturals

I’m an athlete and I take ayurvedic multivitamin tablets to help me recover from workouts and stay healthy. I’ve noticed that I’m not getting sick as often since I started taking them.


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Nice post
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Nice post
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