What makes Asaagat different from Other Beauty Brands?

What makes Asaagat different from Other Beauty Brands?

  1. “ASAAGAT” is an Ayurvedic organic beauty brand and what makes it different is, as we all know a lot of beauty brands out there use Sulfates and Synthetic Colors in their products which damages our skin, but our brand uses essential oils, vitamin - c and most importantly fresh aloe vera.

  2. Our brand is reasonable if compared to other Beauty or Organic brands. We have a Grandeur Kit with 5 products that enhances your skin and gives it a radiant glow for just Rs. 999/- whereas if we look at other brands their products are fairly expensive and they do not do justice to our skin. We pride ourselves on our simplicity, quality, and versatility. We deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

  3. When we shop from a particular beauty brand most of the time, the company does not provide us with a refundable facility which sometimes is not attractive to their customers, but with us we provide you with 30 days of easy refund which is so beneficial.

  4. “ASAAGAT” is a clean and organic brand with an essence of essential oils and vitamins. Our products are here to nourish and keep your skin smooth and healthy. While we take a look at different beauty products, they do not promise the customers if they'll deliver them clean or non - chemical products but when it comes to us we deliver what we refer to.

  5. The main reason why Asaagat is the new deal in the market is that we also help to preserve the environment. After all, organic products use naturally grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers, they don’t leave a harmful footprint on the planet, particularly the soil, water, and air. Whereas other Brands promise the use of Organic ingredients in their products but are scented with artificial fragrances which automatically makes an Organic brand unattractive.

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