The Journey Of Asaagat

It’s a humble ode to my parents & grandparents for inculcating love, appreciation & respect for nature. We are working in tandem with nature to bring you healthy, herbal, organic, beauty & personal care products. Keeping the delicate balance, these products are minimalistic and multilayered, making it easy to take care of your unique beauty effortlessly.

Starting from the time you wake up till bedtime, we have the whole range

which includes aloe vera gel, aloe moisturizer for the day & skin repair for the night, along with soaps, hydrosols & essential oils.

Hence the name ASAAGAT which is a combination of two words- AS & GAT stands for the union of nature with humans to give & get the best.

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Our Vision

Bringing you the best possible natural plant based option for a healthy glowing skin & hair. A beauty regimen with easy to use multilayered products, meaning one product works on multiple levels.

Our Mission

Each one of us is unique in our own way & we should accept & celebrate our own uniqueness adding value with our beauty & grace. Aging is normal, the lines appearing over a period of time shows that we lived fully & truly. We bring the products which are a celebration to who you are.

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Meet Our Founder


I am Geetikaa Kakkar a proud mother of 2 grown up children, a home grown entrepreneur, with a never say die attitude.

I am the founder of Asaagat, the green indie brand, bringing to you simple solutions for everyday beauty issues with my multi layered products.

The products are based on our old ayurvedic practices of using the natural way to preserve our outside & inside beauty. We use aloe vera, manjistha, milk, saffron, rose etc in our products . Each product is packed with utmost care to make it a worthwhile purchase for my customers.

I am always available to answer your questions. Drop me a mail on the contact us page.

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