“ASAAGAT” - The right choice for you!

“ASAAGAT” - The right choice for you!

Discover your organic beauty route in its best light with ASAAGAT.

We all dream of clean, clear and healthy skin and as we go deeper inside the story we realise that there are not only one but millions of Organic Brands out there. Some are cheap with good and bad quality and some are fairly expensive but are not suitable for our Skin. What should we do? Well, when we talk about Organic and Ayurvedic products we know one thing for sure that it won't damage our skin and instead will give a radiant glow.

From a Thorny leaf, this thick-gel substance was formulated into a mother’s trusted brand “ASAAGAT” (an Ayurvedic solution to unhealthy and acne-prone skin), Asaagat has been using all the natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Essential Oils. It's a Mother's trusted Natural skincare brand that prides itself on making the most of what we have to offer every day.

“Asaagat '' means that we go together & hence we grow. At Asaagat we aim to bring you simple, easy to use Ayurvedic products (paraben-free). The base of most of our products is the aloe vera plant “a miracle plant” with a remedy & cure for a lot of our external & internal problems.
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